Purloined Ben Photo

Dave VR Test

LKG Blocks Page with Queen Elizabeth etc.
Scroll around the embed below to get a feel for things in 2D. Then, click here. This will open Orbix360 in a new widow, and you can view in 3D, on phone, VR, computer etc by clicking on the goggles icon!
(Goggles icon does not work properly in scrolly window below).

The NYSA is in AltSpaceVR!
This week Jay Kusnetz is simulcasting our meeting in an AltSpace Event, with true stereoscopic images!


Click to RSVP/Enter, or enter code in AltSpace: JZF210

Subscribe here in AltSpace to follow other 3D events.

Click here for instructions to get into AltSpace, visit our World, and enter the Event.

A peek into our AltSpace World!



Currently in AltSpace?

Also visit National Stereoscopic Association 3D Clubs page to find clubs in your area!

Or for folks outside the USA, check out International Stereoscopic Union page to find clubs in your area!

Virtual 3D-Con 2021
August 12th through August 15th (after the Olympics!)
Visit 3D-Con.com for more info (site updated soon!)

Dave Comeau's Adventures in Stereo Photo Maker - The Clone Tool

Donate to Jack DesBwa for his work on Stereopix ROOMS!

Thanks to Jack, Jay Kusnetz and Ken Kovar for help getting Rooms working for NYSA.

Sheldon Aronowitz on Susan Pinsky's 3D Legends Hall of Fame website

Chrome plugin for polarized monitors: Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

  • Once extension is installed, type this in chrome address bar to find shortcuts: chrome://extensions/shortcuts