NYSA Presents... April 8, 2023

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Paul Hutchence, Laurence Kaufman

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Updated April 18, 2023 to include Topaz-enhanced images by Jim Harp
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Misc Links

Magix movie editing software

On sale for $34 until April 10th


Stuart Warren-Hill Holotronica event

This weekend in Sussex, UK!


130th anniversary of The Stereoscopic Society (UK)


Search back issues of Stereo World

Text- site:https://stereoworld.org/ starkman


Nino's website


Leda 3D BluRay

From Samuel Tressler IV. Available for pre-order, now $19.95!
Will be on streaming platforms soon , 2D, 3D on Vudu

Get into VR with a Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 2
The 128GB version ($399) or 256GB version ($429) are the same, one has more storage. Either will easily get you into VR. Use this referral link and we both get $30 worth of apps from their store.

Stereoscopic images online at the MET

Found them randomly

Stereoscopic Stereograph

Qoocam Ego

$369 on Amazon and B and H.


Francois Beaulieu

A tribute article from Mic Ty at 360 Rumors


Applications for Library of Congress 3D Fellowship

A quick reminder that the Library of Congress (LOC) is accepting applications for the National Stereoscopic Research Fellowships for 2023. The deadline is February 28, 2023. The LOC Fellowship committee awards 2 Fellowships annually to be used to cover travel to and from Washington, D.C., accommodations, and other research expenses to assist fellows in their ongoing scholarly research and writing projects on stereoscopic photography, or more broadly within the field of photographic history to the extent that research is connected in some manner to the Library's holdings on the format.


What's happening in 3D

3D Movie List


3D Blu-Rays


3D or 2D


Dave Comeau
Looking Glass Blocks - Queen Elizabeth etc.


Gruguir's Patreon
Gruguir is doing wonderful stereo 3D experiments in VR (Unity and AltSpace)


Looking Glass Portrait referral code: $40 discount ($399-$40 = $359)

Click for code


Donate to Jack DesBwa for his work on Stereopix ROOMS!
Thanks to Jack, Jay Kusnetz and Ken Kovar for help getting Rooms working for NYSA.

Donate to BenVR's Patreon for his excellent stereo screen in AltSpace!

Sheldon Aronowitz on Susan Pinsky's 3D Legends Hall of Fame website

Chrome plugin for polarized monitors: Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

  • Once extension is installed, type this in chrome address bar to find shortcuts: chrome://extensions/shortcuts