NYSA Presents... October 15, 2022

The NYSA is in AltSpaceVR!
This week Jay Kusnetz is simulcasting our meeting in an AltSpace Event, with true stereoscopic images!


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A peek into our AltSpace World!



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Fancyglyph Content

Ukraine pt3, "Performance"

Useful for:

(use during meeting)
  • Images automatically advance! Sit back and relax!
  • 3D TV or monitor
  • VR-enabled WebXR- Oculus Quest- Browser or Firefox Reality app. Vive, Rift, WMR, etc- FireFox. Go/Gear?
  • Bigscreen VR app
  • Mobile devices?
  • Single image
This week's gallery in Stereopix embed
(manual advance images)
  • Must manually advance images
  • Once meeting has ended, ROOMS above will be closed.
  • Use this embed option to view images that were shown at meeting.
This week's gallery in Stereopix embed (EXTREME!)
  • Same as above, unadjusted Ukraine images have more extreme divergence. This may make view less comfortable, but more picture is visible in each image. This may be desired from a more historical perspective.

Misc Links

This week's Anaglyph Jukebox book

On Amazon


Qoocam Ego

(Discussed previously by Dr. T) the camera is $369!


What's happening in 3D

3D Movie List


3D Blu-Rays


3D or 2D


Dave Comeau
Looking Glass Blocks - Queen Elizabeth etc.


Gruguir's Patreon
Gruguir is doing wonderful stereo 3D experiments in VR (Unity and AltSpace)


Looking Glass Portrait referral code: $40 discount ($399-$40 = $359)

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Donate to Jack DesBwa for his work on Stereopix ROOMS!
Thanks to Jack, Jay Kusnetz and Ken Kovar for help getting Rooms working for NYSA.

Donate to BenVR's Patreon for his excellent stereo screen in AltSpace!

Sheldon Aronowitz on Susan Pinsky's 3D Legends Hall of Fame website

Chrome plugin for polarized monitors: Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

  • Once extension is installed, type this in chrome address bar to find shortcuts: chrome://extensions/shortcuts