1 Intro- hello Johnny

Reverse engineer, synthesizer, futurist. Stretch the bounds of what is possible. Stereo and multi is beyond what we see. Tripod in one eye. Hidden secrets

One thing out of way- Diff between stereo 3D and 3D modelling.  

3D models have mesh with a texture wrapped on top of them, visible from all angles, like a baseball. 

Stereo 3D is a pair of images that give the illusion of 3D

Each eye sees a different image, and when combined in the brain, the brain creates the illusion of depth. Close one eye, close the other, and you'll see a different image.

Here's an example… [SPAWN COKE CAN]

1a Slide1a- left eye view, right eye view.  The brain puts it together to make 3D. 

3D *model* of coke can

Stereoscopy has been around for over 180 years, even before traditional photography. In the physical world, different viewing methods have been created over the years using lenses or glasses that help each eye see a different image. 

You might see the old-timey victorian viewer, the red/blue glasses, or the polarized glasses used to at a 3D cinema.  In VR, the software can be told to send a different image to each eye.

That is what is happening with these images, and with the screen in back of me. 

Now, if you are on a flatscreen PC (call out someone), you will not be able to see 3D! AltSpace only draws the left eye for you. 

If I provided an anaglyph image for you, you could put on the red and blue glasses and you would somewhat get the illusion. People in VR would need to jam glasses inside their goggles, which will work.

 Or I can provide software glasses in AltSpace which will work. But we won't get the full color range, just a purpley red blue combination, so it's really best to view this in a headset.

2 DC origin:3D

Viewmaster, parents always picked up reels from places they went, honeymoon etc

Captain EO Disney World

1990s, cracker box stereo viewer for Mac game

2001- Dream about a CRT TV, people watching 3D. Nuview video attachment

2002- Made zombie film, started a 3D club in philly. Met other 3D people on Yahoo groups, met people in LA

2010 moved from Philly to NYC and got involved in the (more thriving) 3D scene. Golden age, Avatar.

Went to first 3D-Con in 2012, met a bunch of people I only knew from online. Brian May 

Helped out with different iterations of stereo clubs, currently the Secretary and projectionist of the New York Stereoscopic Association


NYSA moved from in-person to online via Zoom, also YT/AltSpace. We have one of the first two-way conversations between VR and online Zoom meeting. 

Saturdays 3pm ET- Zoom, YouTube, AltSpace. 

AltSpace people see the content in full-color. 

I also provide a "second-screen experience" where people with 3DTVs and projectors can view the images in their preferred formats.

We've done 80 some shows so far?

Work with Stereographers in VR (Discord), help spread love of stereo in VR. Take a pic of the screen to subscribe and see events from SVR including the Sat NYSA meetings.

Pandemic- NSA moved yearly 3D-Con from Tacoma WA to online. I helped run the convention online as Technical Director in 2020 and 2021, and we streamed the convention's presentations to AltSpace, plus had some galleries which we'll go to later.

3D-Con 2023 is in August in Buffalo, NY!

I'm kind of a tech junkie, used a variety of stereo cameras and rigs for capture- multicamera, single camera with multiple lenses, etc. And for display- 3D TVs, projectors, 3D eyewear from early 2000s. And now digitally in VR

3 DC origin:VR

Emojis - Google Cardboard etc. Awhile back we all used this, nice to simply view a stereo pair. Most advanced usage was 3DoF through phone accelerometer- the MyVu from Hasbro had some 3DoF apps and nice stereo3D apps.

Gear VR- great optics. Jim Harp

Samsung Odyssey + WMR, Steam home environments. Terrible avatars, great physics, 8 person limit? Not sure about stereo here- maybe,  never got into dev.

Pandemic- Mozilla Hubs (could do stereo but not easily)

AltSpace  - Dec 2019, didn’t know Unity. Went on a crazy tour in Engage with Paul Marcano, Artist3D, showing us stereo fractals etc. A few months later the Jims and I separately started learning Unity, Try Universe. 

Started using Paul's shader, have used a couple others. Gruguir has one, I use the BenVR shader. If you want the files, can search AltSpace Discord, we definitely have a link on SVR.

Met other AltSpace Stereo OGs- Chap4Green, Mr Pete

4 Capturing Stereo Imagery - Physical World

Not going to cover in much detail, but there are many ways to capture a stereo pair. 


Easiest way is to use your smartphone. Take a pic, move the phone a little to the side, take another pic.

i3DSteroid or 3DSteroid is an app that is very nice- shows you first image so you can line up the second.

This method relies on no changes between images, so movement, wind, etc will ruin it (adds an unwelcome 4th dimension- Time)

Stereo camera such as QooCam EGO which is currently available, has its ups and downs.

Convert 2D to 3D. Creates a depth map, then creates stereo pair from that.  

Coke can- will never recapture that missing data, though AI is decent and is getting better.

Leia converter is a nice one. 

Examples in back, here are a few more-

5 Capturing Stereo Imagery in VR


dead simple- all same caveats of IRL cha-chas

lets try one! Everyone be still, no emojis, etc.  Old days- rec. take photo same time each day


Natively takes screenshots in 3D. Run any VR app in SteamVR and press XXXX. Screenshots found via app, in C:Program Files x86>Steam>userdata>string, search for "screenshots".

System button and trigger same time


doesn't require PC (kind of)

Oculus Compositor Mirror

decent, keep head still. Need PC

OculusMirror.exe When connected, menu-  --RectilinearBothEyes  --SymmetricFov

In-World cameras

Unity dual rig, RT, 3D monitor, HOU or SBS. Diff aspect ratios, interocular


Web projector or MMC behind it.

(sample images/videos- AltSpace, end of time, marble run)

6 Displaying Stereo Imagery in VR

(Metaverse, really)

View images/movies- Pigasus, Skybox, Virtual Desktop. YoutubeVR. 

Easy social share- vTime, bigscreen

To bring into social world as kit/Template through Unity:

Start with stereo pair

Be sure it is aligned in SPM, save as SBS

Unity stereo shaders

Drag into Unity. Create quad, create material using shader. Drag texture onto material. Drag material onto Quad. Tweak aspect ratio. That's it. Can upload in Template or as a Kit item.

Can do this with video as well. Same idea, just use Render Texture

(sample still photo images)

see the photos in the back

spawn Kit 3D display screen and camera. Show audience. Show HSBS and 3D. 

6 Future (VIDEO!)

Multidimensional cameras/imagery

Looking Glass, Tilt5, blending physical space with the Metaerse in seamless fashion

Playing with a 32-camera railcam in AltSpace, for display on LKG. Cha-cha-cha… Slow, but that's a now problem. Shouldn’t stop us from designing for the future.

3D Holoportation, multidimensional

Chap4Green, FTR with Katelyn Christine.

Could just use two $10 webcams

Trans-metaversal meetings, we've done Zoom, but this would be for example a meeting with peope in AltSpace and VRChat

Stay in touch! Discord, cup coffee. Any questions, spread the love!

Take pic of eryone in 3D- 

If no DB, someone needs to take a well-aligned pic of SBS and send to me

World-hopping 1 Silverman burning man gallery - WVI855

2 Bruno- Drawn art- GTR292

3 Stereo funnel world- UUR470

Stereo clothing


4 Dave's NYSA gallery- 

anaglyph if not yet

Show the hub