NYSA Presents... Meeting June 27, 2020

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3D Around the World Challenge
Upcoming 3D Club meetings around the USA, hosted at GGSS.

National Stereoscopic Virtual 2020 Convention!
August 14th through August 16th
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Also visit National Stereoscopic Association page stereoworld.org

"Fancyglyphs™"... Invisible 3D
Dave Comeau
Oktay Akdeniz
Chris Reynolds
David Kuntz
Wayne Karberg

Chris Reynolds
Wayne Karberg

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Susan Pinsky's 3D Legends Hall of Fame website

Chrome plugin for polarized monitors: Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

  • Once extension is installed, type this in chrome address bar to find shortcuts: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Cyclopital attachments for Fuji W3, IR conversion, etc. (contact Ken Burgess for product availability- kburgess at cyclopital3d dot com)

Resources for Infrared camera conversion:

Interesting article on UV and Infrared light for crime photography.

Stereo Data Maker - Software to "hack" older Canon firmware for twin camera stereo, KAP, etc. (Mid-2000s tech)

  • More info at Masuji Suto site

Dr T. tutorial on putting together NX-1000 rig