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3D Around the World Challenge

Jim Harp - Beauty Johnny Z - Beauty David Kuntz - Beauty

Ellis Island Video Feeds: Useful for:
Full SBS
  • Freeviewing
  • Handheld Viewers
  • Google Cardboard viewer
Half SBS (YouTube3D-tagged)
  • Viewing Monoscopic or Anaglyph on Desktop or Mobile
  • Full Color 3D in Youtube VR app (Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest/Go, etc)

Half SBS (not YT3D-tagged)
  • 3D TV
  • VR- Firefox Reality app (Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest/Go, WMR, etc)
  • Bigscreen VR app
  • MOPIC Snap3D

Helpful tip- to easily access video on mobile device when in VR or no keyboard:
  1. Log into YouTube on Desktop.
  2. Browse to desired video. This will put video into your "Watch History".
  3. On mobile/VR/TV device, log into YouTube .
  4. Visit History page (easily accessible through YouTube app.)
  5. You will see your desired video in your Recently Viewed videos.
  6. Select to watch on this device.

If you have any suggestions or other methods we can add here- tablets, etc, please drop me a line-
dave at phila3d dot com or dave at 3dnsa dot org. Thanks!